Top 17 Inspiring Dissertation Topics About Online Education

Developing a great topic for a dissertation is an essential first step in the entire process of developing a great graduate document. Here are 17 inspiring topics about online education you can consider using as your own:

  1. How effective is online education compared to traditional in-person education in providing valuable resources to students in technical fields?
  2. Are employers more or less likely to hire graduates who have earned graduate degrees online compared to those who have physically attended university?
  3. What are the biggest concerns preventing the federal government from providing more funds to online educational institutions?
  4. Does online education threaten certain disciplines or can they all adapt towards this growing technology and trend in learning?
  5. In the last ten years, how have employers responded to the rise of online degrees when it comes to developing human resource capital?
  6. Will online learning eventually replace traditional in-person learning at university? And what does this mean to the quality of education most people receive?
  7. What do millennials prefer when it comes to traditional learning or online education? Has culture and society changed so much that online learning is the top choice?
  8. How are students in middle school and high school weighing options for higher education in terms of either attending university /college or receiving an online education?
  9. How effectively have instructors adjusted to developing online courses that provide the same level of instruction across different disciplines?
  10. Do you think the internet’s ability to connect the world has made online education a more or less effective way of finding out about what happens in other parts of the world?
  11. What are the benefits of online education that have attracted more people to move away from traditional education and earn their degrees from online institutions?
  12. Do online courses affect the way people interact socially in their professional lives? Have there been enough studies to determine a trend?
  13. How is bilingual education, which has become a necessity in recent decades, a more effective skill to learn online? What tools have made it possible for students to learn more precisely?
  14. How has online education made it easier for international students to learn the skills necessary to find professional success in their native countries as well as foreign countries?
  15. How have traditional schools suffered in terms of funding because of more students attending online schools as a more affordable but just an effective option to earn a degree?
  16. What kinds of skills do students need to succeed in online courses that aren’t as effective in traditional educational settings?
  17. How are children of parents who go to online universities coping with the new trend to avoid a traditional college education?

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