A List Of Unexpected World Politics Dissertation Ideas

Before writing and working on your world politics dissertation, you need a topic. One of the most important things about your topic is finding one that genuinely interests and excites you. When you have an active interest in your topic, you will find that writing and researching become much easier and more enjoyable. This is a list of dissertation topics and ideas that will help to inspire you.

Ideas related to 9/11

  • What other event has been significant since 9/11? And how does it compare to impact?
  • How has the relationship between East and West been influenced by 9/11?
  • How did countries respond to 9/11? Was the response justified?
  • Should the force be used, and how effective is it, in dealing with terrorism?

US Foreign Policy

  • The US foreign policy is often seen as policing the rest of the world, when is this term appropriate and when is it merely bullying?
  • Why and how does the economic growth in China threaten the US’s foreign policy?
  • Who is in control of US foreign policy and how do they make their decisions?
  • What is the biggest threat to US foreign policy and how is likely to influence the US?

British Foreign Policy

  • What are they key differences between the policies of the Conservative and Labour parties?
  • What is the current British foreign policy like? What are its characteristics and is it effective?
  • Has Britain’s past moves to become more cohesive with Europe been effective? What has its impact been on social and economic conditions?
  • What influence does the EU have on British foreign policy?
  • What is the relationship between the US and Britain, is Britain just a pawn of the US?

Russia and Eastern Europe

  • What has the impact of the collapse of the Soviet Union been in Russia and its relationships with other countries?
  • What impact did the foreign policy of the Soviet Union have on its eventual collapse?
  • Why Russia is still considered an enemy in Western idealism and politics?
  • Is the Cold War really over? How has foreign policy concerning the US and Russia changed since the supposed end of the Cold War?
  • What has an impact has the Russian invasion of Ukraine had on foreign relations with Russia? Contrast the difference between the East and the West.
  • How much of an impact does Putin have on Russian relations? How is he seen in Russia itself vs. in the West?

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