List Of Great Dissertation Topics In Finance And Economics

A good paper is all about how you write it. In most cases, students spend a lot of time trying to learn how to write a good paper, and then they end up forgetting one of the most important things, the title. If you are supposed to be working on a dissertation, it is important for you to put a lot of emphasis on the topic that you will use for this task.

The importance that a good topic will have on your dissertation in finance and economics is something that you cannot take for granted. It is because of this reason that teachers often try from time to time to explain to their students why they have to take their time and do a lot of research before settling down on one topic that they can present for their dissertation.

Just in case you have not gotten to this point yet, it does not mean that there is nothing for you to learn here. As a matter of fact there is a whole lot of information that you can learn, and the following list of topics will do just that for you:

  • Discuss the differences between classical economics and Keynesian economics
  • Highlight some of the principles of economics, giving examples of how they are applicable in the economy that we live in at the moment
  • Discuss how growth is spiraled or stalled in the country
  • Explain some of the characteristics of a transaction cost, highlighting how this makes it any different from some of the other costs
  • Depression economics in the year 2008. Discuss how the financial crash in the markets became a challenge to the entire world, with an emphasis on the economics of depression
  • Discuss the success of micro finance institutions in any economy that you understand
  • Discuss citing relevant examples, the difference between traditional and behavioral finance
  • Accounting and finance are two disciplines that share so much in common, though they differ. Highlight the similarities and differences between these two disciplines, with an emphasis on the economic value of your arguments
  • Discuss some of the ethical concerns that are associated with earnings management, citing relevant examples in the process
  • Discuss how the accrual concept of accounting can be put into practice and help companies strive for success
  • Discus the economically feasible sources of finance for startups in the world today

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