Dissertation Topics On Judaism: 10 Ideas From A Former Student

The first step in any dissertation is to choose an idea. Students must pick a topic that is easy to research and long enough to fill an entire dissertation. In addition, they need to choose a topic that will keep them interested for months or years. As one of the longest essays that students will ever write, this research paper can be challenging. To get started, students can consider the following topics about Judaism.

Dissertation Topics on Judaism

  1. From 1883 to 1905, what was the status of Jews in Europe? What role did the Church Question in Germany and France have in daily Jewish life and culture?
  2. How can socio-linguistics be used to find out more information about the Hebrew Bible? How does contact linguistics and textual reuse apply in this case?
  3. What is the role of the Talmud Torah in modern Jewish culture and thought?
  4. What role did the Zionist movement have in World War II? Who were the Jewish resistance fighters and what impact did they have on the war?
  5. Look at how hand gestures are used in Semitic iconography and literature. How were hand gestures used to make a point or demonstrate an idea?
  6. What are some of the Jewish views of an afterlife? Is there a standard afterlife in Jewish mythology or does it vary? What implication does this have on the actual practice of Judaism?
  7. Discuss eschatology. What are some of the ideas around the Messiah and redemption? What are current beliefs about eschatology?
  8. What are the founding principles of Judaic law? What are the beliefs surrounding topics like euthanasia, abortion and organ transplants?
  9. What is the significance of the Oral Torah? How has it changed over time? What impact does it have on modern religious practices?
  10. What are the many different names of God in the Torah? What does each name mean? Are the names symbolic and used only in certain contexts?

Researching the Topic

Once students have found a topic, they can begin researching it. Students should make sure that there is enough information online or in the library to complete their paper. If there is not enough information available, students may need to choose a different topic. For help with research, students can look through the bibliographies of academic books. By looking at the bibliographies, students can quickly discover the most relevant research materials available. Once students are ready, they can begin outlining and writing their paper.

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