Things To Know About Formatting A Dissertation Proposal Title Page

A proposal is a document that you should submit before you start working on your actual dissertation. Your committee should approve your project after examining your proposal. A title page is an important part of a proposal. Every student should learn how to format it properly because it’s the first thing that committee members will look at.

What to Include in a Dissertation Proposal Title Page

  1. The title (your final title might sound different from this one.)
  2. Your name.
  3. Your professor’s name.
  4. The names of your committee members.
  5. Your university’s name.
  6. The date of submission.

Usually, you should place your title at the center of the title page. Then, you should skip several lines and center your name. Each new item, like your professor’s name, should start on a new line below the previous one.

Use the standard font type and size. There is no need to use italics, underlining, or any other technique to highlight your title, your name, or any other item.

These are only the basic guidelines for creating a title page for your proposal. It’s likely that your university has some unique requirements related to this matter, so make sure to check this in your assignment guidelines.

What to Include in your Dissertation Proposal

  1. The introduction.
  2. Here, you should briefly present the area of your research so that your committee members can understand the direction of your study right away.

  3. Aims and objectives.
  4. In this part, you should raise exact questions that you want to answer in your paper and explain who will benefit from this knowledge.

  5. The methodology.
  6. This section should list the methods that you’ve chosen to achieve your goals. Explain why you’ve decided to use this particular methodology.

  7. The literature review.
  8. Here, you should list the main schools of thought and academic sources that you’ve decided to base your research upon.

  9. Constraints of the study.
  10. Lastly, you should write about the borders that you aren’t planning to cross during your research and factors that are likely to limit your actions.

Keep in mind that before you start working on your dissertation proposal, you should clearly determine the topic of your study. To choose a good topic, come up with several ideas that are interesting for you and show them to your professor. They have more knowledge on the subject than you, so they should provide you with decent advice on the direction that you should concentrate on.

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