Where Can I Get a Good Template for a Dissertation Proposal?

Writing an academic dissertation can be one of the most stressful experiences a graduate student will ever know. The process takes several months of hard and devoted work towards earning a PhD. Students generally devote most of their time on this one project and can sometimes run into trouble when they aren’t exactly sure what requirements they must meet. Before even starting, for instance, students must submit a dissertation proposal, which on its own can be extremely confusing. Here are some places to get a good template:

Department Website

The first place to look for a good dissertation proposal template is on your department’s website. In most higher education institutions, individual departments will have specific rules or requirements students must follow when submitting certain projects. If you are unfamiliar with your department’s requirements then you should speak with your advisor so that he or she can show you the ropes.

Professional Writing Sites

Anyone studying at a higher education institution will probably be familiar with one of the many online professional writing services. For a small fee, one can purchase original papers or templates put together by professional academic writers. This ensures that all of the basic requirements that come with submitting a dissertation proposal are met by purchasing work from someone with vast experience. If you need additional help with your project, you might be able to find packaged deals that would include reviewing and editing your work.

Academic Website

If you conduct a simple web search you should be able to find templates available on academic websites. These are great places to go download samples from because they are usually put together by academics who know the demands of higher education and want to make resources available to everyone. Just be sure to verify that the content is current and the website has been recently updated.

Dissertation Writing Guides

Visit your campus’ writing center or library to find several dissertation writing guides with plenty of approved samples and templates for you to choose from. In fact, many advisors would point you to one of these writing guides as your first choice. Be sure, however, that you do in fact get the most current edition or volume, since books tend to become out of date rather quickly. If you can’t find a guide from one of these locations, then you might be able to find inexpensive used copies online.

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