A List Of Unique Sport And Exercise Science Dissertation Ideas

If you are tasked with writing a sport and exercise science dissertation, you must come up with a great topic. Below are some suggestions of potential topics:

  • You can write about the health risks that a particular group of people may face
  • You can write about exercises that can be used to improve jump performance or running performance
  • You can write about whether exercise is important for resistance training
  • You can write about the different metabolic energy systems and their importance
  • You can write about fat loss and its physiology, especially noting why so many people who have gained weight cannot seem to lose it even though they change their diet and exercise, noting the manner in which certain toxins embed in fat tissue and how the body will not burn that fat until the toxins are removed

Finding Your Topic

  1. Make sure you select a topic that is going to interest your reader. If you find the topic interesting but you know that your audience (this is usually just your teacher but it might be a group project or include your classroom) will not enjoy it, then you might want to consider something else. Remember that a good writer should consider their audience when they begin the writing process, even at the beginning stages of selecting a topic. This typically means avoiding a topic that has already been covered extensively, or something that is dull and not controversial, or something that is out dated. Try and stick with current topics and are unique.
  2. Make sure that the topic you select fits within the parameters of your essay. Even if you write an interesting and coherent paper, it won’t matter if the paper does not fit within the guidelines established by your teacher. You do not want this to happen to you. If you are doubtful about whether or not your topic fits within the parameters of your assignment, talk to your teacher about the topic you want to choose before you start writing and make sure they deem it appropriate.
  3. Make sure that the outside sources you use are credible. If you are required to do research before you commit to your topic, start by organizing your time and reviewing the sources that are available. You might find that while you want to write on a particular topic, there are not enough credible sources available, leaving you to change your topic before you start the writing process.

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