10 Sociology Dissertation Ideas You Should Consider

Sociology is such a vast topic that there are plenty - almost too many - different topics to consider when you start thinking about writing your dissertation. However, it can also feel like there are fewer options than you think because there is so much work being done on sociology nowadays. Do not despair! Below is a list of 10 of the best sociology dissertation ideas for your perusal and pleasure.

  1. Explore and evaluate the link between religion and education.
  2. Often, religion and education are considered to be extremely close to each other in the social sciences. There are a lot of similarities and overlap. How do they interact?

  3. Politics and religion have, throughout history, been extremely close to one another. Evaluate the possible ways in which religion may be connected to political behavior.
  4. This is also a topic that has the scope for diachronic comparison, since in Roman times, for example, politics and religion were inseparable, and not considered different things at all!

  5. What sort of impact has social assistance had in primary schools in the UK?
  6. More social assistance is being made available to schools all throughout Britain, and the effects are very noticeable. However, further investigation is needed for a more detailed description of the impacts.

  7. To what extent has Britain’s culture been changed by immigration?
  8. Immigration is a hot topic in Britain right now, as is the changing of the culture as a result of immigration.

  9. What different subcultures are in the UK in modern times?
  10. This is a vast subject, so it is one that needs to be limited both temporally and geographically (you can change ‘modern times’ to any date at all, for instance).

  11. Compare and contrast the capitalist state of Japan with the UK’s welfare state.
  12. How well does each country manage problems such as homelessness, low income, and other poverty-related issues?

  13. Analyse and evaluate the welfare state of Britain. What sort of impact has it had on social trends?
  14. The welfare state and its effects are huge and far-reaching. This is just one aspect which would be fascinating to explore.

  15. Has the class system of the UK changed in the last 100 years? How and to what extent?
  16. Classes still exist in Britain, but, although they have similar names to 100 years ago, they have a lot of differences.

  17. To what extent is employee satisfaction linked to culturally sensitive company policies?
  18. Again, there are many facets to this questions that need to be considered, so it is advisable to narrow its scope.

  19. What social reasons are there behind the increase in street gangs in the UK?
  20. The number of street gangs in the UK has increased, but why?

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