List Of Risk Management Dissertation Ideas For Graduate Students

As you begin to write your graduate dissertation on risk management on your way toward earning your master’s degree, you are faced with the challenge of developing a great topic to research. After spending so many years in graduate and the thought of finally reaching your goal, it’s easy to understand why you may be drawing a blank when it comes to developing a topic. Here are is a great list of ideas to draw inspiration from or to select from to use for your own dissertation:

  1. Discussing risk management in bank lending – how has the recent global recession caused more banks to apply stricter lending practices preventing the middle class from getting the financing they were able to just a few years ago?
  2. Risk management in international soccer – how are the Olympics and the World Cup committees dealing with the years of corruption between high ranking committee officials and governments wishing to host games?
  3. Risk management in the age of cyber-crime – how are companies defending themselves from the constantly evolving threats posed by hackers who are continuously a step ahead when it comes to finding loopholes?
  4. How has risk analysis changed over the course of the last twenty years as more account executives have had to consider challenges to volatility in stock prices and the ways in which people are now managing their savings?
  5. Risk management in the health services industry is a grown concern amongst administrators after a number of cases in the last decade have shown a significant rise in patient neglect. How do you think this affects insurance companies’ support of client services?
  6. How effective are the current training programs for risk management professionals? Are these outdated as a result of the increased security threats that exist because of the way cyber technology has evolved?
  7. Should risk management issues be resolved internally or is the process more effective when independent consultants handle them? What are the additional risks when the problems are outsourced?
  8. A discussion about the future cyber threats and how they determine the risk management measurements that occur today. Are they enough and do you think organizations are taking the right steps in preparation?
  9. How are security measures weakened with a poor implementation of risk management policies? For instance, are banks protected from cyber-crimes if the policy they’ve put into place has had instances of failing under certain circumstances?

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