How To Write A Dissertation Proposal: Tips For Dummies

By the time you reach the dissertation stage, you have already undertaken and completed too many worthy writing assignments. You know all about structuring, emphasizing and streamlining. Yet, when it comes to the main job, many students quail and retract their steps.

An enlightening analogy

Before you furnish the dissertation, you need to get your proposal approved. Now, it may be analogized to a business plan which is curt, compact and prepared in a manner to attract investors. The proposal is prepared to convince the instructor that you have chosen a worthy topic and can do justice to it. Here are a few writing tips for starters

  • Hint at the big picture – Now, your dissertation proposal subtly hints at what you will try to drive through in your actual work. It is a ‘given’ that you should clearly give the signal that you will make a comprehensive enquiry into the subject, offering it a new dimension altogether.
  • Pose earnest questions – You should also write down certain crucial questions in your draft which you will unleash on and dissect in the major work. Questions, like bullet points, have a natural way of commanding attention.
  • A compact writing style – Your writing style should be flowing and friendly; if it is fastidious or too full of glitches, the instructor may immediately be turned off. You should devise a compact framework for the dissertation proposal which would give a reflection of your craft to the examiners.
  • Relevant labor – You should mention certain credible resources much relevant to the topic and also the spaces you will labor into, to find more about the topic. You should also give a sketch of the Methodology you will attempt and how you plan to make it feasible and resonant.
  • Toil and impress – You should give a taste of your acquired knowledge of the topic and subject through points that naturally acquire their attention. Placing a thesis statement would not go out of place. You should assert that you can make even a layman understand your scheme of things when you unfold the dissertation.
  • A taste of Conclusion – You have to give a subtle picture of the Conclusion you wish to draw from your dissertation. When the instructor gets convinced that your conclusion will be a breakthrough, there is a better of getting the approval.

Point to remember

Once you get the approval, you will need to connect regularly with the instructor and abide by his instructions. You will also have to be clear about the time-frame and meet the deadline. You will need to be consistent; and not just with the format style.

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