Simple Tips For Writing A Political Theory Dissertation Prospectus

Before you even start to write your dissertation you are going to be asked to write a dissertation prospectus, so these tips may help you glide through the process. Make sure that you know exactly the requirements of the prospectus are asking you to do. Remember that when you prospectus goes to the academic committee it is a step to help you with your dissertation by giving you advice.

Once you have all the instructions such as when the prospectus needs to be submitted, what format you need to use and the number of words that you are limited to you can then start focusing on the three main element of the prospectus.

  1. Aims and Objectives
  2. What is the problem or question that you want to tackle in your dissertation? You need to make sure that it falls into your academic field of study. Sometimes topics of interest will fall between several fields of study. Give some facts that support your interest.

    You need to explain why you find this particular topic interesting. Is it of personal interest or is it an idea that you have been developing over a long period of time. Do you feel that work by other researchers have tackled the topic?

    Speculate what the results of your dissertation will provide and ultimately what your study may contribute overall to the academic community. Give an overview of what the reader will be able to take away with them after reading your dissertation.

  3. Previous research
  4. You have already touched on the work that other researchers have done in your topic area, now it is chance for you to expand a little more on their work. Make sure that you are using work that is recent as in the last 5-10 years at the oldest.

    Comment on why you think that other researchers have not been able to give a definitive answer to the question or problem that you are proposing. What are the differences and what are the similarities to your work?

    At this point make sure that you are not being overly judgmental or critical. Instead of regarding others work as a failure, turn it around and state how the work by others can actually help you with your own research question.

  5. Methodology
  6. How are you going to do it? What elements do you think are going to be the most difficult to prove? Are you able to reproduce or replicate the work of another researcher to illustrate the thesis question for your dissertation?

    How are you going to gather the relevant detail and when you do how are you going to analyze it? Make sure that you tackle the question of ethics when you are writing about your methodology, especially if you are using people to take part in questionnaires or interviews.

    At this point you can also add reference to any additional information that you feel that you may need to complete your dissertation. By writing this in to the prospectus it shows that you have given the whole process a lot of thought.

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