Getting a Proper Sample of an MBA Dissertation for Free

Writing an MBA dissertation is a very stressful process of receiving your professional graduate degree in business. Though many have succeeded without help of others, it’s usually a pretty good idea to get assistance at some point during the year. The trouble is there isn’t a lot of free advice floating around, so students need to prepare themselves to look in the unlikeliest of places:

Checking with your advisor

The first place to check with is your graduate advisor. MBA graduate advisors tend to keep several different samples from prior students. It’s a good idea to get your hands on a copy early so that you have more time to familiarize yourself with the format, style, and logic that goes into an approved paper. Showing up early could also mean that you get an example that is closely related to your own topic, thus saving you some valuable research time.

Visiting your library for samples

Your university library will have dozens of different journal titles each with hundreds of archived issues from which you can find great examples of well-written dissertations. Libraries also tend to have access to thousands of dissertations published across the nation. So it’s a great idea to pay this place a visit and to speak with a reference librarian. In addition to pointing you towards the right business journals, the librarian should be able to point you to other works, cutting down your research time.

Getting a sample directly from a student

You are bound to forge many friendships and professional connections when your graduate school, so why not take advantage of this and get some help. Ideally, asking someone who already has completed a dissertation would be best, but it’s alright to approach someone who is in the process of writing one. Just be sure to make yourself available to help out when someone needs your assistance. Professional connections should work both ways.

Checking with the online community

Joining an online community will make several useful connections both when you’re in school and afterwards when you begin your professional career. Ask for assistance and watch as the offers come in. Give details about your proposed project and you’re bound to receive dissertations that are closely related in topic to your own.

Visiting a business conference

If you a little money to spend or can get a paid trip to a business conference, do so. These events are great ways of building connections, exchanging ideas and finding published dissertations from renowned professionals from around the world. It’s an extremely valuable experience which can pay dividends later, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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