8 Ingredients Of A Great History Dissertation Introduction

As a student, you already know that alongside abstract and other parts, the dissertation introduction is of absolute importance to your research work. For some other students who may be finding this a hard nut to crack, here are eight ingredients of a great history dissertation introduction:

  1. Reflects excellence: In a world where not a few students are lazy, it is quite common to see project works that are totally uninspiring. However, there is always that one occasional student who stands out as excellent, and this can be perceived from the quality and excellence of the task at hand. Make this your watchword and never settle for mediocrity.
  2. There are drafts: Before coming up with an excellent one, there is the need to write drafts over and over again. It is after a thorough work has been done that one finally comes up with a superb one. The more meticulously the draft is worked upon, the more accurate the final piece is.
  3. It answers the ‘why’: A good dissertation introduction answers the why, i.e., why you have decided to choose to study that particular area and not another area.
  4. The ‘what’ is also answered: Another characteristic that is to be properly noted here is that it answers the what, it answers the question of what you intend to work on and the type of conclusion you will like to reach.
  5. Regular updates: A good one will always have steady updates all in a bid to ensure that the ideas are properly developed, and the task is on the right path.
  6. Lucidity: It clearly and easily explains the link between your reasons and the main project itself. This is done in very concise terms. The language employed is often very clear, and there is no degree of ambiguity whatsoever.
  7. It is suspense-filled: Since all it does is to introduce the whole project to the reader, the opener is usually always loaded with enough suspense, and this serves as an effective magnet for one to keep reading until the end.
  8. No contradictions: It is one thing to say A and deliver B. This does not happen in an ideal situation.

These are the eight characteristics that one should always look out for or make sure one applies when it comes to this subject. It can make all the difference between a distinction and a fail grade.

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