List Of 12 Fresh Dissertation Ideas On Textile Industry

It is totally natural to feel nervous when required to write dissertation or other research paper. The choice of the dissertation topic will have serious consequences, especially on the general quality of work.

The following is a list of fresh ideas on textile industry. You can use them to develop topics to write in the textile industry.

  1. Role of Chinese clothing and textile industry on global trade
  2. This topic can explore on the emotive topic of quality versus quantity in global trade, and the role that China plays in the market.

  3. World Trade Organization (WTO) impact on the textile industry in the developing countries’ economies
  4. In this topic, you can explore on the merits and demerits of joining this global trade organization body. Should developing countries join and reap the benefits, or they should not bother because joining it has no effect?

  5. Intermediation in business networks – case study in the clothing and textile industry
  6. Intermediation is a very important concept in the literature of marketing channels, and it is used for analyzing how intermediaries and some specific firms connect the users and producers. Some argue that intermediation is mainly focused on increasing transaction efficiency, more so when the intermediaries undertake the functions aimed at closing gap between consumer assortments and producer stocks, and by so doing, bridge the discrepancies in place and time between the demand and supply.

  7. Sustainable use of chemicals in textile industry – the contribution of life cycle assessment. This topic may deal with how to address the concern of hazardous chemicals found on garments, clothes and other textiles.
  8. Information about chemical risks in product chains – the case of textile and paint industries.
  9. Dedicated fashion followers - Geographical analysis of U.S. fashion industry.
  10. Textile wastewater treatment through combination of advanced oxidation and biological processes.
  11. Textile waste management- social indicators and environmental impacts.
  12. Recovery boiler to textile fiber plant integration – combining chemical engineering and mass balance analysis.
  13. How to characterize cellulose in the post-consumer cotton textiles.
  14. Dedicated fashion followers – economic geographic analysis of American fashion industry.
  15. Textile wastewaters treatment by use of combination of physic-chemical and biological methods.

The above are 12 of many ideas that you can use to get ideas on what to write in the textile industry. Ensure that you structure the topic to suit your local environment. Your dissertation will make more sense if it is focused on the conditions in your local textile industry.

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