10 Strong Dissertation Topics To Help You Get A Degree In Nursing

Writing a great nursing dissertation is a key to earning a degree. Many students have excelled in all the other requirements towards getting into this profession, but struggle when it comes to finding something unique and interesting to write about. It’s for this reason we’ve developed this list of 10 strong dissertation topics that are sure to earn the approval of the advisory committee or inspire you to develop a great topic of your own:

  • Discovering the Experiences of Sleep in Hospitalized Patients Suffering from Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease. What are the effects of too much versus too little hours of sleep and how could this lead to better treatments?
  • ESL Nursing Students in the U.S. and the Correlation of Reading Comprehension Programs with Attrition Rates. Does private work affect the way ESL students are likely to succeed across various programs?
  • Sexual Education in Under-served Populations in Developed Countries. When certain areas in developed countries still have higher rates of teen pregnancy and teen STDs, what other factors can there be besides poor education methods?
  • Factors behind Dishonesty, Exaggeration and Denial in Hospital Admissions and the Effects on Proper Diagnoses. How can hospitals and urgent care units improve intake practices when most patients don’t tell the whole truth about their conditions?
  • Understanding Various Risk Factor with Hospital and Community Acquired Pressure Ulcers. Each one appears to have different non-environment origins which affect treatment. What can be learned?
  • Discussing the Effects of Elderly Care and How Movement to Secondary Facility Leads to Higher Mortality Rate in First Three Months. Will keeping patients in a single location prevent an earlier death and does this ultimately lead to government interaction?
  • Breastfeeding, Timing, and Practice among Women in Developing Countries and How it Affects Mortality Rates in Infants. How do different cultures react differently to the ways in which the first few months of nursing helps infant development?
  • Understanding the Use of High Impact Drugs on Patients with Lowered Immune Systems. Can high impact drugs help cure or treat diseases with enough success that the risks are overshadowed?
  • The Implications of Impulsivity and Religiosity in Assessing College Student Behavior and Risks. As college students explore new lives can we say there are factors that will determine their health?
  • Physical Therapy and Its Effects on Delaying Mental Deterioration in Advanced Age Patients. Can exercise in pre-advanced age help the diseases from forming or spreading so quickly?

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