A List Of Dissertation Ideas In Educational Leadership

Teachers and educators are always going to be required. Period. However, while there is an abundance of people trained and qualified to fulfill that role, there is a world of difference between teaching for your whole life and going that one step further and become an educational leader. Just what sets a leader out from the pack? What qualities do they require? This is an incredibly exciting topic and you should be feeling incredibly motivated and as though you are on fire as you prepare to begin writing your dissertation. Ready to go? Here is a comprehensive list of dissertation ideas in educational leadership:

  • Can adopting the transformational leadership style be beneficial in educational leadership?

  • Is instructional leadership more suited to primary schools than colleges and universities?

  • The role of educational leadership in mapping out a better life

  • Look at education from a cultural perspective. For example, you could choose to look at it from an African-American or Latin-American viewpoint. Is it harder to achieve good grades and get access to a decent education if you are from an ethnic background?

  • Does a child who regularly has contact with adult members who are not part of their household have a better chance of succeeding academically than a child whose family is more inward-looking?

  • What more can be done to ensure that women from ethnic minority backgrounds, progress up the career chain from teacher and into more senior roles?

  • What more can be done to ensure that senior management within schools are forward thinking and embrace change?

  • Pastoral support; how can leaders ensure that the needs of their students are met on a pastoral level as well as an educational level?

  • Embracing and empowering children with special educational needs.

  • The role of inspectors in schools. Should a school get advance warning of inspections?

  • Is there a role for international exchanges for leadership candidates – in the same way that students sometimes do exchange visits with children from overseas.

  • Should educators be looking to different international models when seeking to improve their schools?

  • Early learning – techniques that can be adopted to promote early reading among children in kindergarden.

  • Should schools be self-policing? Should whistleblowing be actively encouraged? Or would this just foster an atmosphere of distrust among colleagues?

  • Fair pay and compensation packages for educators. Is a performance related pay scheme feasible?

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