20 Intriguing Ideas For Your Dissertation On Psychology

This term for homework, you must write your dissertation, or otherwise essay, for the subject of psychology. Psychology is a scientific study of the mind and the way that it behaves. Which in turn control the mental thoughts and mannerism of a person.

Now, what ideas do we have for your dissertation, or essay, so yours has the chance to stand out above the rest. This needs to be an intriguing idea that can be summed up neatly in your thesis and can be written about for your main body. Your thesis will need to be summed up again in your closing conclusion. So you must choose a topic that you can write lot about as you don’t want to run out of steam. Pick an idea that you really feel passionate about and that you can write about like nobody else had before and were sure you can do it justice.

These are some to help you finish your homework this term:

  1. The effect that music has on the mind and how it can elevate or decrease our mood depending.
  2. Memories are affecting our present.
  3. Gender stereotypes and if or why we should not be specifically gendered.
  4. ADHD. Its causes, impact on society, families and where it is on the mental health spectrum and if its symptoms are found in most children.
  5. Is a midlife crisis a reality or myth?
  6. Are those diagnosed mentally ill all violent and dangerous?
  7. Dreams are having symbolic meaning.
  8. Is shyness a personality trait or is it a mental illness?
  9. Addiction.
  10. A fear of flying, spiders, etc.
  11. Optimism and pessimism.
  12. Sibling rivalry.
  13. Twins and the physic traits.
  14. Suicide.
  15. Private and public self.
  16. Paedophilia. Born with or learnt behaviour.
  17. Group therapy and its negative and positive impact on people.
  18. Is laughter the best medicine for us?
  19. Memory.
  20. Kleptomania.

There has also been many psychology experiments, some famous and some infamous, that you could write about or base your research on and use as evidence in your work. Be warned now of the freelance websites that possess information that have not been scientifically processed and could be hoaxes. These freelance websites will do more harm to your research and paper than help.

These are some ideas to influence, or to help you support your work in psychology and help you to make a remarkable impact on your tutors.

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