20 Unique Examples Of Good Dissertation Topics On Buddhism

In studying for your doctoral degree, writing and submitting a well-written dissertation is a must before such degree can be awarded to you. It is just like writing any other academic paper but this one is much longer and requires more research from you. Although it is a very challenging, time-consuming and stressful exercise, it is also very rewarding, especially if you know how to go about writing dissertations. Apart from writing in the right format, layout and structure, it is also important that you choose good topics for your academic paper.

Studying for a doctoral in the field of religion is an interesting one but it also means you need to engage in extensive research efforts in order to come up with reliable and provable facts for your paper. However, the first stage would be to come up with an interesting topic. If therefore, your dissertation is on Buddhism and you are yet to come up with an interesting topic, here are 20 unique examples of good topics for your academic paper. They are as follows:

  • Buddhism – Understanding its transformation in China
  • Buddhism – A look at the cultural impact in Asia
  • The role of computers in the lives of Buddhists
  • A look at Buddhism and the expansion of worship methods
  • Buddhism and Judaism – A comparative analysis
  • An analysis of Pratityasamutpada and Zen Koans Buddhism
  • Buddhism – A comparison of Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism
  • Ch’an Buddhism – Examining the differences and similarities
  • Buddhism – A critical look at how it relates with feminism
  • Buddhism – Understanding it as a science and religion
  • Buddhism and Christianity – An analysis of the differences and similarities
  • Buddhism and Hinduism – A critical look at the differences and similarities
  • Understanding the relationship between Buddhism and Yoga
  • Buddhism – Understanding its teachings and goals
  • Buddhism and Confucianism – An understanding of their related texts and beliefs
  • An understanding of the Rinzai discipline of Zen Buddhism
  • Buddhism – An analysis of its spread in India
  • The Four Noble Truths in Buddhism – An analysis of its relevance to the religion
  • Buddhism and Taoism – An enlightenment on their various perspective
  • Buddhism – An understanding of its concepts of violence

With the first stage of the work done for you – provision of good dissertation topics, the next stage is making a choice of any of the topics that interests you and getting ready for approval and research. Go ahead and make a choice of topic and start researching.

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