Selecting A Dissertation Topic: Fifteen Great Suggestions To Consider

Whenever you are asked to produce a dissertation (it’s always in your final year of study!), you should be able to provide the best quality work that you can offer. That’s because a dissertation is usually worth over 25% to your degree and if you do poorly in this assignment, it could potentially affect your overall grades. That’s definitely something that you should try and avoid. However, you must be able to come up with a really good topic that would interest your reader and in the same time, it is feasible for you to perform the research on. Here are some suggestions for you.

  1. Ensure that your dissertation topic is clear
  2. You must know a direction of where you work is going towards
  3. Consult your lecturer or first marker before you make any decisions
  4. Research extensively on the topic that you have chosen
  5. The topic should be something that you are enthusiastic about
  6. It must be related to your subject
  7. You can prove that there is a gap in the current literature
  8. You know how to perform the research i.e. the methodology
  9. You have access to all the research materials that you might need
  10. Your topic has been approved by your lecturer/first marker
  11. Make sure it is ethical! Unethical researches won’t be approved
  12. Ensure that your lecturer is willing to help with your research
  13. You are confident that there will be enough test subjects
  14. The research is unique and it should not be plagiarised
  15. You have strong knowledge in the field already!

These are basically the 15 most important criteria that you need to meet. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to write a great dissertation. If you need help, you should always contact your lecturer and see what he or she can offer you. At times, writing your work will become very difficult and that’s normal. All you have to do is just ensure you have done your research properly and you don’t have to worry about the results. There are times when the results differ from the hypothesis and it is fine in the world of academia. Just state that in your limitation section and perhaps offer some solution to prevent this from happening in future research. I hope you have found this useful and hopefully it will improve your grade in your work!

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