8 Points To Remember Looking For Free Dissertations For MBA

When starting an MBA dissertation or while writing one, it is always good to have a few free dissertations on hand to look at. They can be your guide for everything from writing style to topic selection to sentence structure. Here are 8 helpful points you should remember while looking for free MBA dissertations:

  1. Decide your niche beforehand
  2. The world is a massive place and there are lots and lots of MBA dissertations out there. If you go looking randomly, you will find quite a bit and nothing too. If you do not know specifically what you are looking for, how are you going to find it? Decide the area you want to write about before you go searching.

  3. It helps to have a specific topic
  4. The same principle as above applies. It is all well and good to know your niche but it is better to know your specific topic. This will narrow down your search and while you are looking for examples of pre-written pieces, you may find something incidentally that is helpful to your final dissertation. This could be something as simple as a quote or something as complex as evidentiary support for your topic.

  5. Do not restrict yourself
  6. If you know your topic or your research area, do not restrict yourself to searching for just “MBA Dissertations”. Writing by people in the same area but for different degrees may also be helpful. They may provide you insights that are missing from pieces written solely with an MBA focus.

  7. Decide where to Search
  8. Again, do not restrict yourself. Search everywhere and every resource you can find. This can include the internet, your library, academic databases and websites.

  9. Nothing in life is free
  10. Or nothing worth having anyway. Some of the best examples of academic writing will be available on professional writing services websites. Access to them will most likely cost money.

  11. Nothing in life is free (part 2)
  12. Unfortunately, if you get something for free, it may also present problems. If you get something off the internet, it goes without saying that you will need to fact-check the document before presenting any information contained in it in your work (with a citation of course).

  13. Real Life examples work best
  14. When looking for examples of past work, make sure you pick ones that have a relevance to real life situations and are not working on theory alone.

  15. Internship reports are the best examples
  16. When searching, look through your own internship report or those of your peers to draw inspiration. As these reports reflect a real life interaction with a business environment, they are rife with highly relevant business problems you can write about.

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