Choosing Good Thesis Topics In Biology: 20 Great Suggestions

Biology is an interesting subject for students who are passionate about it. They study about different systems, organs, malfunctioning and significance of certain procedures in living organisms. It is a derived from a Latin word where Bio means “living” and logy means “study”. In simple words, biology means study of living organisms. The subject is vast and discusses all kinds of living beings from single cell organisms to complex body structures. If you are to write a thesis in biology then you need to determine the specific portion of the subject you will discuss in your paper. Two major divisions in the paper are botany and zoology. Botany is the study of plants while zoology talks about the study of animals. You can narrow down your research by determining which category you fall in. You can further divide your subject depending upon the academic level you are in and the requirements by your teacher.

Topic selection is one of the most critical phases in completing your project. This might take longer than usual because you need to choose a valid, relevant, precise and fresh topic for your paper. This should be able to explain the overall scope of your paper as well hook your audience by giving them engaging information or building the curiosity

Good thesis topics in biology

If you still think it is hard to write a winning topic for your thesis in biology, then the following suggestions might help you. You can look at these ideas and see if you can use them as an inspiration. Never copy these topics as the title of your paper because they may not be unique or precise as per the requirements from your teacher

  1. The process of photosynthesis without sunlight
  2. The origin of koalas and Kangaroos native to Australian mainland
  3. The causes of lung cancer
  4. Our current lifestyles and heart diseases
  5. If sugar is a hereditary disease can someone have it if their parents do not have it
  6. What is the difference between mitosis and meiosis
  7. Give examples of asexual reproduction and compare them
  8. What are amphibians
  9. What is the natural habitat of pines and cones
  10. Reproduction in plants
  11. Reproduction in animals
  12. HIV
  13. Polio
  14. Influenza
  15. Cancer and its causes
  16. Birth control pills
  17. Brain disorders
  18. Cerebellum
  19. Rickets
  20. Axima

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