14 Best Dissertation Topics In Economics For University Students

You have reached the end of your studies and one hurdle remains, finding a topic for your economics dissertation. When you reach this mark in your studies, have no fear! Here are fourteen topics to choose from and one should work for your dissertation in economics.

  1. Conduct a comparative analysis of the single currency state within the German coalition of states that was formed to manage all economic policies within the union. Identify key lessons from this policy.
  2. Analyze the impact that inflows of capital will impact the development of new markets and economies in developing nations. Review the impact on the new market within the global market and how they interrelate.
  3. Is it possible to spend your way out of a recession? Analyze the great depression in the 1930s and determine if a strategy of spending is a viable way to end a downturn in the economy.
  4. Analyze the impact of a national pay scale within a market and determine if it helps to unify a country or effectively creates two distinct economies with a country.
  5. Is there a point where investment in foreign countries with a risky foreign policy is detrimental?
  6. Should investment experts utilize the capital asset pricing model when determining the risk versus return on their investment strategies?
  7. Is there value in embracing a worldwide monetary system to help stop the impact of the floating exchange rates?
  8. Numerous central and eastern European countries are in the process of joining the European Monetary Union what are the advantages and disadvantages of them joining?
  9. Is there a point where debt owed to one’s own country should become a concern?
  10. Review and analyze the reason that bundling would be used as a business stratagems.
  11. Assess the impact of a downgraded financial rating on a highly influential country within the worldwide economy.
  12. Should China’s policy of a fixed exchange rate be disallowed within the worldwide economy?
  13. Will Australia’s strategy of basing an economy on mining be a viable strategy to continue into the future?
  14. Is Wall Street the culprit for the financial crisis that hit worldwide or are there more influences involved?

Each one of these topics have a multitude of arenas to explore and will provide the basis for a truly great university dissertation on the topic of economics.

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