The Top 25 Best Dissertation Topics In Marketing

When it comes time to create your dissertation, you can become overwhelmed with a variety of emotions. Stress, excitement, and fear are just some of the conflicting emotions you may feel. It is important to stay calm and approach the project with a level head so that you get the best grade possible. If you are studying Marketing, you might find it a bit difficult to select an original topic to focus your dissertation on. The point of this project is to give you a feel for what performing real research is like, so a lot of weight rests on the decision you make. If you are having a hard time brainstorming or just need some inspiration, here are 25 marketing topics that will land you a solid grade in your studies:

  1. 1. How does the quality of a brand or product affect the likelihood that a customer continues to purchase it?
  2. 2. How much do consumers know about the company’s they shop from? What do they know about the company’s values?
  3. 3. How do leading brands differ from generic? Is one better
  4. 4. How do loyalty schemes appeal to the customer?
  5. 5. What is the importance of message length in advertising?
  6. 6. Do language barriers exist in marketing?
  7. 7. How do brands cater to their international consumers?
  8. 8. What are some ways a brand can customize their products?
  9. 9. How do companies adjust their techniques to market online?
  10. 10. Do leading brands ever sell subpar products?
  11. 11. Why do customers agree to pay a higher price to become a member on some sites but not others?
  12. 12. How do companies handle new trends and technologies?
  13. 13. How do customers receive long-term offers from brands? What about short-term?
  14. 14. What effect does toll-free marketing have on the customer’s response?
  15. 15. How do techniques differ online and offline?
  16. 16. How do gender roles and norms factor into the distribution of luxury goods buyers?
  17. 17. Are public relations campaigns effective?
  18. 18. What should a brand look for when selecting a location?
  19. 19. How has the internet changed the traditional approach?
  20. 20. How does social media play into marketing?
  21. 21. How do happy hours test the ethics of the industry?
  22. 22. What do companies do to relieve boycotts and dissatisfaction?
  23. 23. What does adjusting the price of various products do for the company?
  24. 24. What role does location play?
  25. 25. What is consumer behavior like in virtual auctions?

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