Writing The Best Finance Dissertation Basic Rules To Remember

Throughout your educational career you will be bombarded by rules and requirements every time you sit down at the computer to write. Use this format, the margins should be this wide, do not use numbers, use numbers and on the requirements will go. But, despite all these sometimes contradictory words of instruction, there are basic rules to remember when writing and if you follow these rules you will be on track to successful completion.

Proper grammar and sentence structure

The first and foremost rule that you must remember when writing is to use correct English grammar and sentence structure. There will be times if you are doing a piece of creative writing where you may deviate from this rule but when writing a finance dissertation you will want to stick with convention and always use correct grammar. This rule applies no matter what language you speak or write, always use the correct grammar for your language.


Another basic rule that dissertation students must remember when they are writing is to use proper localization of your speech and written word as you develop your writing. People say things differently in different parts of the world so make sure that you writing is appropriate for your area to avoid miscommunication.

References and recognition

Two key rules you must also remember when writing are to always correctly document any reference materials that you use and give recognition for any work that you referenced. Forgetting these two rules is essentially plagiarism and could cause you to lose credit from your work and even receive disciplinary action for stealing others work.


Another rule in completing any type or written project but especially those of this magnitude is to meet all appropriate deadlines. These deadlines have been put in place for a reason and the instructors and defense panels will need you to meet all deadlines or follow the rules for an extension. Missing deadlines could delay your graduation date so it is essential that you follow these rules for scheduling.

There are basic rules that every student must follow when composing this final piece for their finance degree. Remember to always use proper grammar and sentence structure, proper localization of your verbiage, list all references and recognize contributions while always following every deadline that is provided for your work and you will complete your dissertation successfully.

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