Where Can I Get A Proofread Sample Of A Dissertation Front Page?

A dissertation front page is something that you are likely to prepare the last moment. However, this is the first thing that your defense committee pays attention to, so you must ensure that it’s formatted according to academic standards and meets the instructions provided by your academic advisor. To save time, it makes sense to get a proofread sample and follow it.

What Elements to Include in a Dissertation Front Page

Before you start searching for a front page example, learn more about this piece of writing. A decent front page should include the following 9 important elements:

  1. The type of document, e.g. a dissertation submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in ‘the name of the program’.
  2. A short, concise title.
  3. A subtitle that clarifies the title if applicable.
  4. A publication date or date of paper submission.
  5. First name initials and last name of the author, including an official title if any.
  6. The name of the educational program.
  7. The official name of the educational institution.
  8. The name, title, and function of the paper’s advisor.
  9. The names and titles of a defense committee members.

Some elements may be omitted while your academic advisor may ask you to add the name of a second examiner or your student identification number. So, check the requirements of your professor first.

Where to Find a High-Quality Front Page Sample

After you have figured out what kind of document you should look for, check these places where you will find plenty of good academic paper samples:

  • The webpage of your academic program.
  • The webpages of college programs that require dissertation submission contain some useful links to the assignment requirements, sample papers, example documents, and how-to instructions.

  • Your school’s writing lab.
  • In the writing lab, you will definitely find a few excellent examples of a front page. One of the lab instructors will help you choose the right one for you and answer your questions if you have any.

  • Electronic archives of submitted graduate papers.
  • Most colleges and universities ask their students to upload their graduate papers online. It’s a good idea to find such an archive to use those documents as samples. Remember to check the database of your school first.

  • Suggestions of your academic advisor.
  • You should recall everything that your advisor has told you about the assignment, including what examples you could use and where to get the necessary help. You may also visit him or her for further assistance.

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