How To Write A Dissertation Abstract: A Step-By-Step Guide

An abstract is one of the most common things which you will have to include in your dissertation. It is like writing an overview of the whole project without the facts and figures. It is not very difficult however you should do with enough care because it will be one of the first things the professor will notice about your work. Many a times a reader who is short of time will only read the abstract and conclusion to make out what you have written in the paper. So it is advisable that you do it properly and pay attention while doing it. Here are a few tips on how you can do it.

Helpful suggestions on how to write an abstract:

  • - It is best if you start writing your abstract after finishing the paper. You will have to write the introduction after you have completed the paper and then start with the abstract. It so happens that often the main idea you started out with gets changed during the course of the research. So it is better if you write the abstract in the end because then you will not have to redo it in case the theme or hypothesis gets changed slightly.
  • - Follow the same style you have used in rest of the paper. It is not something outside the paper so you best use the same kind of language and style as you have used in rest of the paper.
  • - There are quite a few ways you can begin the approach. Like any conventional introduction you can write about the background of the topic before stating why you have selected it and what you have in the dissertation.
  • - Alternatively you can jump straight to the topic and begin with the major points that will highlight the paper. It draws attention of the reader quickly and is best suited for scientific journals and papers.
  • - If you make the abstract too informative the reader may gain all the information from it. This way they may not read the rest of the paper. You should withhold some of the key findings sop that the reader takes an interest and reads till the end.
  • - You will have to state the reason behind choosing the particular topic and its significance. It is the main purpose of the abstract and that has to be fulfilled.

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