Writing A Dissertation About Motivation: 10 Helpful Tips

After reading the essay requirements carefully, it's necessary to research about it extensively. You don't want to miss any valid elements, otherwise there's a slight risk that the final piece would turn out look lousy.

However, not to worry! Below are ten tips that will help you go write an essay that is factual and has all the ingredients:

  1. Build a structure: Initially, you need to realise where you want your essay to go. Pen down a rough structure of how many paragraphs you want under a specific subtitle and how many subtitles do you want.
  2. Write about its meaning, amply: Write about that, but also read into its history; where did this word come from? Which language did it belong to initially? Give a few definitions by famous psychologists, writers, etc. as examples.
  3. Its features as an attribute: Research about how motivation, as an attribute can ater or improve a person. Read research papers and essays by psychologists to get to know more about its psychological upshots.
  4. Ask around: Ask about the opinions of people around you for an insight on what motivation is for them. Getting a different perspective of opinions often opens your mind to other thoughts your mind would not have looked in the direction of, otherwise.
  5. Record your sources: Keep a tab on all the quotes and references you include in your dissertation. Note down their sources and don't forget to mention them when you get to writing your final draft.
  6. Think big: How does motivation works on a scale larger than individuality. Think about how it plays a part in big corporate groups; how do they motivate themselves as a whole and their employees and customers?
  7. Use record cards: This way you won't have your creative juices blocked by the effort into remembering small points as you come across them.
  8. Action and motivation: How does performing an action compliments motivation; do they work hand in hand? If so how? If not, why?
  9. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation: What is the difference and how does it affect the behaviour of a person? Also, write about what triggers them.
  10. Read, read and read: The best way to write about something is by knowing about it and that can only be done through reading. Go on the internet, read as many research papers and essays as you can. This will give you a thorough grasp on the subject.

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