10 Smart Tips For Writing A Brilliant Postgraduate Dissertation

Do you need to write a postgraduate dissertation, but are not sure how to execute it? Then take the time to learn some high quality tips to get you going. It could make all the difference between getting a good grade and a bad one. With that thought in mind, here are the top 10 tips when writing a postgraduate dissertation:

  1. Write Early: putting off the completion of the project will only prove to be a huge disadvantage. Your best bet is to start off as soon as you receive the assignment. Therefore, if you make mistakes or run into problems there is enough time to make adjustment in your approach.
  2. Look at examples: to get an idea of what a top class dissertation looks like you should have a look at a few examples. Ideally the example projects you look at will be of a similar topic to your one. Pay attention to the little details that allowed that project to get the top grade.
  3. Visit your mentor often: you’ll be assigned a mentor for the project. The key to a great project is to use them as often as possible.
  4. Research: you’ll need to properly research all the facts that are used to ensure your project is accurate. References must be provided at the end of the paper, and they will be checked.
  5. In-house rules: each educational establishment will have different rules regarding the structure, format and other rules regarding the project. Make sure to figure out what the rules are for your educational establishment.
  6. Hire a proofreader: once the project is finished a professional proofreader could look over your work to make sure no huge mistakes are present.
  7. Avoid copying: to avoid receiving a penalty make sure your work is your own. You can look at examples for inspiration, but when you copy there is a risk of receiving a penalty.
  8. Facilities: you must use whatever you have to your advantage. If you’ve got access to state of the art facilities, then make sure they are fully utilized.
  9. The draft: you don’t have to write a high quality piece on your first go. Sometimes writing a draft full of errors, can be great because it gets the ball rolling very quickly.
  10. Colleagues: get other students who you are friends with to help if you are stuck.

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