How To Make Citations In A Dissertation Written In The MLA Format

If you are earning an advanced degree in a language or literary subject, you will have to write a dissertation in the MLA style. This style is maintained by the Modern Language Association and is continually updated to meet the changing needs of article writing and researching. When you use this style, it is important to follow all of the guidelines for the cover page, dissertation, and list of citations. You not only need to format the paper correctly, but you also have to format the in-text citations that you use, too.

MLA Citation Quirks

The MLA style is different from the other popular formatting style, APA, in several ways. In the APA style, each in-text citation requires the same ingredients, but in the MLA style, your in-text citation style depends on the type of source you are using. This means that a quote from a book will be cited differently than a quote from a web-based document. You will need to know what the citation looks like before you include it in the paper, so you should build your bibliography as you conduct research before you actually begin to write the paper.

Corresponding to the Bibliography Page

Each in-text citation in your dissertation needs to correspond perfectly to the list on the bibliography page. This means that if you begin the citation with the author’s last name, then the in-text quote needs to include the author’s last name, too. If your instruction cannot match the in-text citations to the list of sources in the bibliography, then you can expect to receive a very low score on your dissertation.

Know the Extra Information

Depending on the source that you use and the way you include the directly quoted or paraphrased information, your in-text citation can have a variety of appearances. However, in most cases, the citation will include the first word from the source in the bibliography along with another piece of information. If you are using a document that was printed, you will include the page number where the quote appears. You might have to include a volume number or other piece of identifying information.

Same Author Name Different Text Titles

If you happen to have works that are written by the same author, you do not include the author’s last name, because your dissertation reader would not know what source you used. Instead, you use the titles of the works. When it comes to MLA citations, the reasons behind the formatting actually makes logical sense when stop and think about it.

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