How Do You Cite A Dissertation In The Mla Format: Useful Tips For Students

MLA format refers to the Modern Language Association. This is a formatting guide that is most often used in school and other academic settings. It is one of the most commonly used formats for students of all ages and will more than likely be the first format to which you are introduced. It differs from other formats in that it does not require a separate title page, abstract, or footnote section for any graphs or images. There are many places online where you can learn how to cite each type of source you use with MLA format.

If you want to know, “how do you cite a dissertation in the MLA format”, you may be enquiring one of two things:

  1. You want to know how to reference or cite a published dissertation in your essay. This may happen when you are writing an essay for school and you found a published dissertation written by another student which you want to reference as one of your sources. If this is the case, then you will need to follow the in text and works cited page reference guide that is laid out in the MLA format. You will need to know information such as the author’s name, the university where the dissertation was published, when it was published, and the page numbers. If you are citing the source directly inside of the body of your essay, using a quote or statistic, you will need the corresponding page number of the dissertation. You will want to confirm with your MLA manual or an MLA manual online as to how to properly italicize and where, as well as when to use a comma or a period. You will want to list the citation in your works cited page at the end of your essay in alphabetical order.

  2. You want to know how to use MLA citations for your dissertation because your final dissertation is supposed to use MLA format for all of the sources that you used. If this is the case, you will want to refer to an MLA guidebook for each of the sources you used because the format for citing sources varies based not only on the type of source but on how many authors the source has, and whether you are citing something that an author is citing from another source.

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