A List Of Interesting Art History Dissertation Ideas

There are so many intriguing ideas for an art history dissertation you may get overwhelmed on what to write about. You can quickly get an idea of what you could write about based on previous projects completed. There are different elements such as culture, tradition, and events of the past and present that offer insight on what you can write about. The following details offer basic insight on how to develop a topic and suggestions to encourage your own brainstorming.

Getting Original Writing Prompts for Your Project

Trying to develop an original idea can be intimidating when learning about other papers written. The good news is there are many ways to find the right topic. What are topics your instructor has read in the past that seemed most interesting? You can get ideas from what other students wrote about to get on the right track. What about resources you intend to use related to the assignment? They may have leads to a potential writing prompt you can develop into a good topic. What elements of art history fascinate you the most? How can you elaborate on it further and develop a good project to show your knowledge?

10 Writing Prompts to Help You Find Topic Ideas of Your Own

An original idea makes writing easier but it may take some time to find the right one. When it comes to the aspect of history there are elements you hope that won’t repeat such as tragedies. Yet, there are people who have taken these aspects and created interesting writing pieces people want to read. In other words, art history can have more insight that people realize. There are elements in this subject that contribute to how people live today. As you learn more about art history you will find an area of interest you can appreciate. To help you develop original ideas of your own here is a list of writing prompts to start with.

  1. Women and Japanese culture.
  2. African arts and how they relate to early African cultural beliefs.
  3. Artwork comparisons from Europe and India.
  4. Artwork featuring Virgin Mary and its spiritual connections.
  5. History of textbooks featuring artwork.
  6. War photographs and how they inspire forms of visual art.
  7. Gothic and medieval arts.
  8. Understanding performance art.
  9. Modern art versus contemporary art.
  10. Significance of Indian art featuring Buddha.

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