How To Make References In Your APA Dissertation: Tips & Tricks

In order for your dissertation to be accepted, you have to keep in mind a few crucial things. You have to be prepared to work and research before you make it so that when you start, you will have everything that you need. As long as you pay attention and don't rush, you will everything perfectly, and your references will be well noted.

  • - Research. First's things first. You have to be well informed about the topic, and you have to be able to give some examples. In order to do that you have to research a little bit first so that you have all the material that you need before you start. This way it will be a lot easier to work. Otherwise, you will start going around in a circle because you have enough data.
  • - Note everything. Now that you have found whatever you were looking for write it down. You will need it later, and you won't be able to remember everything. You might get confused or distracted so keep a few notes over there just in case things get tricky. This way you will be able to finish much more faster.
  • - Choose your style. If you want a formal or an informal style. You might want to keep it simple and elegant or sophisticated and intriguing. Depending on the topic, the purpose, you have to be very careful about this so that you won't screw it up. Keep in mind when you do this the target audience. This way you will know how to express yourself since you know what kind of people you are talking to. You can't present a Ph.D. to a tabloid reader and vice versa. Keep in mind who you are reading to so that you know how to read it. It's as important as what you learn about.
  • - Ask your teacher. If you are in need of an example, a little help, some advice, don't hesitate to ask them. You might want to give a reference to a book that you recently read, but you don't know if it could fit the dissertation very well, if it's truly relevant or not.
  • - Rewrite. Now that it's done try to view it again. If you think you can add more, feel free, as long as you don't overcharge it. If you see something that could be simplified, do it.

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